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Benedetto di BORDONE (1460-1531) [Untitled World Map]. 1547.

Benedetto di BORDONE (1460-1531) [Untitled World Map]. 1547.

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Benedetto di BORDONE (1460-1531)
[Untitled World Map]
Venice, 1528/1547

Double-page woodcut world map on an oval projection from Bordone’s “Isolario”

Sheet: 11 1⁄4” x 15”

The popularity of mapmaking in 16th century Venice gave rise to increasing specialization. In 1528 the polymath Benedetto di Bordone published his “Isolario” or “Book of Islands.” The work focused on islands in the Mediterranean but also  depicted islands throughout the world. His book created an entirely new genre, and “isolarii” became popular throughout Europe.

Bordone included a world map in Isolario, for which he chose an oval projection. As Shirley notes, “[f[or a long time Bordone’s world map was cited as the first drawn on an oval projection, prior to the discovery of Francesco Rosselli’s map of c. 1508 using this form of construction. References within Bordone’s book indicate that he had been occupied on its compilation for many years prior to publication ... his 1528 map is undoubtedly based on Rosselli’s oval one although there are several points of difference; for instance the omission of all Antarctic lands and the separation of Asia and America. Rosselli’s truncated form of South America is retained.”

REFERENCE: Shirley 59.

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