About us

Arader Galleries proudly celebrates more than 40 years in the business of important, antique works on paper, paintings and rare books.

W. Graham Arader III began his collection of rare maps, atlases and Americana while an undergraduate at Yale University, and today that passion has grown into one of the world’s largest privately held collections of natural history artwork. Our mission is one of constant discovery and enlightenment for our community of friends, clients, educators, students, and colleagues;  as such, works of art can give the most poignant understanding of the times from which they originate. To us, nothing is more engaging than a map, a document, a book or a painting that illustrates history, bringing the past into the present with vivid power.

It is our intention to sell the highest level of quality at a price lower than anyone else. We encourage comparison and using us to define levels of condition, quality of color and degrees of restoration.