Collection: Gould Hummingbird Blast

John Gould's Beloved Hummingbirds


John Gould maintained an obsessive fascination for Hummingbirds: "These wonderful works of creation… my thoughts are often directed to them in the day, and my night dreams have not infrequently carried me to their native forests in the distant country of America" (Gould "Preface").

During his lifetime, Gould identified more than 400 species of Hummingbird, Linneaus, by comparison, having only identified 22. Gould famously exhibited his personal collection (from which the plates in this monograph are drawn) at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Zoological Gardens in Regents Park, and one of his revolving displays of these tiny birds with their "jewel-like glittering hues" (Gould "Preface") was on display in 2009 at the Yale Center for British Art as part of their exhibition "Endless Forms": Charles Darwin and the Natural Sciences. As a result Gould's "masterpiece [is] an incomparable catalogue and compendium of beauties" ("Fine Bird Books").

On offer here is a fine selection of these lovely lithographs with hand-coloring, many HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD LEAF AND OTHER IRIDESCENT MINERAL PAINTS, and then over-painted with transparent oil and varnish colors.

Bespoke, museum quality framing options are available starting at $350 per frame.  Please inquire by replying directly to this email should you wish to discuss framing. 

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