Reference Books

Sacheverell Sitwell, Fine Bird Books 1700-1900
Arader/Allen, The History of American Ornithology before Audubon
Taschen, John J. Audubon Birds of America
Doc/Abrams, Audubon‘s Birds of America
Olson, Audubon’s Aviary
Wellfleet, Audubon Birds of North America (the complete 500 paintings)
Lambourne, John Goulds Birds
Holberton, Mark Catesy's Natural History of America
Calmann, Ehret Floral Painter Extraordinary

Bagrow, History of Cartography
Yonge, A Catalog of Early Globes
Tooley, Maps & Map Makers
Andrew Taylor, The World of Gerard Mercator
Shirley, The Mapping of the World (early printed World Maps 1472 - 1700)
Nachdruck, Description de l’Egypte
David Roberts, Travels in Egypt & the Holy Land
Sandweiss, Stewart, Huseman, Eyewitness to War (prints of the Mexican War)
Suarez, Shedding the Veil (Mapping the European Discovery of America & the World)
Viola, After Columbus
Burden, Mapping of North America
Ron Tyler, Visions of America
The Met, Art in the Empire City New York, 1825-1861
Stephenson & McKee, Virginia in Maps
Birch, Views of Philadelphia (200th anniversary edition)
Hayden/Moran, The Yellowstone National Park
Robert J Moore, American Indians
Cohen, Mapping the West
Tyler Prints of the West from the Library of Congress

Bruce Museum catalouge The Floral Art of Pierre Joseph Redoute
Taschen, The Lilies of Pierre Joseph Redoute
Taschen, The Roses Pierre Joseph Redoute
Harkness, The Rose (an illustrated history)
Anna Pavord, The Tulip
Barker, Hortus Eystettensis The Bishop's Garden & Besler's Magnificent Book
Hardouin Fugier & Grafe, The Flower Painters
Brookshaw, Pomona Britannica (the complete plates)

Whitfield, Mapping of the Heavens