WALDSEEMULLER Martin, Tabula Neoterica Crete Sive Candie Insule, 1513

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Tabula Neoterica Crete Sive Candie Insule
Ulm: Strassbourg, 1513
Woodcut on black
Paper size: 17 1/2" x 23 1/4"

The prototype map of the modern Crete from M. Waldseemuller of 1513/1520

One of the rare modern maps of the most famous Ptolemy edition. This representation of Crete served as a prototype map for countless maps until the end of the 18th century.

Christos G. Zacharakis about this map: Type C, late Ptolemaic (pl. V) has been widely used from the 1513 Strassbourg edition of the Geographia to the second half of the 18th century after it was decisively promoted by Ortelius and Mercator.

This map comes from the so called first Modern Atlas by the most famous of all early sixteenth-century cosmographers Martin Waldseemuller, since it is the first Ptolemy edition with twenty new regional maps beside the traditional twenty-seven Ptolemaic maps derived from the 1482 Ulm edition. The Atlas is titled GEOGRAPHIE OPUS NOVISSIMA TRADUCTIONE E GRECORUM ARCHETYPIS published by Johannes Schott in Strassburg 1513 and is one of the most important edition of Ptolemy Atlases. In 1520 a second edition of the atlas was printed by Schott from the same woodcut blocks. It was reissued 1522 and 1525 by Laurent Fries and Johannes Gruninger with size reduced maps.