Parte Orientale della Spagna. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli.1691

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Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

Parte Orientale della Spagna

From: Atlante Veneto

Venice 1691

Map of the Iberian Peninsula, published by Coronelli in Venice, which first appeared in the Corso Geografico Universale, Coronelli's best known work. The map describes Spain and Portugal in detail. Coronelli places the Castilian lion in the lower right corner with his sword above the shields of the Spanish kings. In the upper right corner the cartouche with the title supported by an eagle, a lion and an elephant.

Coronelli experienced a period of extraordinary editorial fruitfulness starting in 1689, when he held the chair of geography at the University alle Procuratie, with the publication, in 1690, of the first volume of the Atlas Veneto. In fact, under the name of Atlante Venetova, the entire collection of thirteen works composed over the following decade, from the Isolario to the Mirror of the sea, the Isolarioomira, with a baroque and meticulous search for detail, to the celebration of the possessions of the Serenissima. Monumental collection of maps and views of islands, it represents the last of the? Islanders? conceived, which, between the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century, were progressively supplanted by the atlases of modern conception, printed works characterized by increasing scientific precision and decreasing artistic value. In the wake of the new colonial conquests, the cartographic representations took on an increasingly technical character, hitherto rather arbitrary. Descriptive text on the back