"Mapa de los Estados Unidos De Mejico. Disturnell, John, 1847" 

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DISTURNELL, John (1801-1877). Maps de los Estados Unidos de Mejico... Engraved map with full original color. New York, 1847

"Mapa de los Estados Unidos De Mejico, Segun lo organizado y definido por las varias actas del Congreso de dicha Republica ... Lo Publican J. Disturnell, 102 Broadway. Nuevo York. 1847. Revised Edition. (inset) Carto De Los Caminos &c. Desde Vera Cruz Y Alvarado A Mejico. (inset) Chart of the Bay of Vera Cruz. (inset) Map Showing The Battle Grounds of the 8th and 9th May 1846."

 The seventh edition known as the "Treaty Map." This map was "the official cartographic reference consulted in negotiating the peace treaty of February 2, 1848, which terminated the Mexican war..." (Martin). The first of seven issues in 1847, this is easily identifiable by having only two inset maps in the Gulf of Mexico (later issues have four). The twelfth edition was also used as a treaty map. This copy folds into red cloth covers 15x10, with "Mexico" stamped in gold, and with "Statistics of the Republic of Mexico" pasted on the inside front cover. Signature of Cornelius S. Van Alstine, U.S. Navy, on verso of map. Streeter refers to this seventh edition as "the most important edition of the Disturnell map." Map is in full color.