Manuscript map of Korea, Pen and ink watercolor map on paper

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Unbound. Pen and ink watercolor map on paper. 27 4/5" x 19 4/5". Folded into 9 segments with holograph annotations in blank ink, the names of each of the eight provinces given in small rectangles. The city of Seoul distinguished by black lines outlining its square walls with its four main gates. Some water stains with minimal signs of wear around folds. The present manuscript map of Korea is a remarkable example of the epistemological transfer between Japan and the Korean peninsula in the 18th century. An earlier example of the map published in the 1786 edition of An Illustrated Description of Three Countries. A nearly identical pen and ink watercolor map - also by Hayashi Shihei - is preserved at the Library of Congress (7900 1785.H3 Vault). The map is based on Korean sources