KEMPTHORNE, Captain John (1651-1692), attributed to. Fine Manuscript Coastal Chart: "A Draft of the Ladroon Islands on the Coast of China near the Mouth of the River Canton". [Southeast China]: 1687.

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Single sheet, float-mounted and framed (25 4/8 x 38 inches to the neat line). Fine original pen and ink and watercolour drawing of coastal region of China near the mouth of the 'Canton' (Pearl/Hsi Chiang River), with two coastal profile drawings and 32 rhumb lines radiating from a fine, large multi-colored compass rose, and a scale of leagues, decorated with mountains on the islands, and 'Paddy Grounds' indicated along the river.
An original 17th century English Thames School manuscript sea chart, bearing close resemblance to extant charts drawn by Captain John Kempthorne who sailed in Chinese waters in the service of the East India Company in 1686-88. R.A. Skelton in Explorers Maps, fig. 115 illustrates Kempthorne's 1687 chart in the British Library of Amoy, also in southeastern China, which is very similar stylistically and in lettering to this chart. Macao is named and shown by a walled town symbol. In the Hong Kong area, all of Lantau Island is delineated, with numerous islands nearby, one of which is doubtlessly Hong Kong. Kempthorne's sketches of his Asian travels from ca. 1688-90 are in the Papers of Sir Hans Sloane at the British Library. Kempthorne was the eldest son of Sir John Kempthorne (circa 1620-1679), an officer in the English Royal Navy during the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch Wars. He joined the East India Company in 1682 and was in its service until 1688. During this time he is known to have sailed in Chinese waters as master of the Indiaman the Kempthorne.