KELLER, HELEN (1880-1968). Typed Letter Signed to Allen Tower Treadway. December 11, 1928.

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KELLER, Helen (1880-1968). Typed Letter Signed to Allen Tower Treadway, dated December 11, 1928 to Allen Towner Treadway, Member of Congress from Massachusetts, seeking support for the American Foundation for the Blind.

Small 4to., (9 4/8 x 7 inches). Single sheet with printed letterhead, light old intersecting folds, very good condition, few small splash spots at top margin, signed clearly by Keller in blue-green ink at bottom.

In part: "Out of the goodness of your heart, I beseech you to pause for a moment and try to realize the plight of the majority of my blind fellowmen and women. For the most part, they are poor. Before the loss of their sight, they were engaged in useful, if humble occupations. Disease or accident destroys their sight. They can no longer work.

"Unless some agency comes to their rescue, they will spend the rest of their lives, 'sitting round' with nothing to divert their minds from the gloomy thoughts which prey upon them ... Something to do -- some sort of work and recreation are necessary to the happiness of a human being. They are as important as the food and shelter which keep us alive ... it is in the power of nearly every seeing person to help lessen the tragedy of the blind, - to bring them courage, to offer training, - to put within their reach the joy of normal activity.

"Won't you, my friend, make the Foundation your Messenger of Comfort to those who must live always in the dark?"