John Speed. Wales, Great Britain. 1610.

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John Speed.

Wales, Great Britain.


This is John Speed's map of the county of Merionethshire, Wales. It was included in Speed's The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine . Despite its depicting one of the most sparsely-populated counties of the United Kingdom, the map is richly detailed, showing towns, castles, forests, and lakes. The countryside's mountainous terrain is illustrated pictorially. An inset plan in the center right shows the town of Harlech, whose castle dominates the image much as it does the legend of the town, its famous siege being immortalized in song. Just offshore, the sea facing the
castle sports a mermaid.

Heraldic Notes
The map is decorated with the Royal Arms of England (at the upper left) and the arms of Gwynedd (in the upper right.) Both the scale cartouche and the imprint are decorated in strapwork, flanked with Putti Publication History and Census