Johann Michael Probst, Nova Mappa Geographica Americae Septentrionalis….1782

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Johann Michael Probst

Nova Mappa Geographica Americae Septentrionalis….

Augsburg, 1782

Paper Size: 20 x 19 inches

A rare German variant of Henry Popple's seminal map of North America, one of the two most important maps of America in the 18th Century, along with John Mitchell's map. This example faithfully reproduces Popple's original key sheet, but incorporates a variant of Lake Champlain, two branches on the south end instead of just one. The 13 American Colonies are clearly delineated. just one year before the formal peace treaty between the United States and Britain. Rare, not listed in Sellers & Van Ee, Cumming or Phillips. A striking example in full color.