Jan Jansson. Yorkshire. 1636

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Jan Jansson.

Provincia Eboracen sis Yorkshire.


An original copperplate, engraved map of YORKSHIRE (Provincia Eboracensis Yorke-shire) by Jan Jansson. Published as a new plate in the German edition of the Mercator-Hondius-Jansson atlas in 1636/37, this map is state 1 and differs from the later version of 1646 (Jansson's Atlas Novus) in the design of the title and scale cartouches. The map also contains Jansson's imprint i.e. Amstelodami apud Joan Janssonium. The printed area is approximately 490x390mm and the map has good margins and hand colour. This is a beautifully engraved and decorative map. In addition to ornate title and scale cartouches it includes two sailing ships and a sea monster in the North Sea. The map has a wealth of geographical details including rivers, relief, towns, villages, wapontakes and estates. This is a scarce map.