Jacques Esnauts and Michel Rapilly. Carte du Théatre de la Guerre entre les Anglais et les Américains. 1778

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Jacques Esnault and Michel Rapilly
Carte du Théatre de la Guerre entre les Anglais et les Américains
Paris 1778
Fine engraved map with original hand coloring

Esnault & Rapilly's scarce, separately published, and attractive map of the Northeast, produced to inform the French public of the primary theatre of the early years of the American Revolution.
The map illustrates the area from Quebec to Cape May, New Jersey, and from the Kennebec River to Lake Ontario. Boundaries, counties, towns and cities, forts, roads and Indian nations are all depicted in great detail.

According to Nebenzahl and Sellers Van Ee this map should show the location of British troops at Frank-Fort and German Town in Pennsylvania and at Saratoga in New York. However, this first state of the map only includes the troop positions in red manuscript.

Numerous forts, minor are shown and named throughout the map, including Fort Washington in northern Manhattan, those along the Delaware River, many in northern Massachusetts, and the several in the Lake Champlain - Lake George region.

An important French map of the northern American colonies shown at the beginning of the American Revolution. Also of interest are a number of major and minor cities including New York, Philadelphia, Albany, New Haven, Newport, and Boston, which are shown as walled cities.

A fine dark impression.