H.H. LLOYD & COMPANY. Lloyd's Military Maps. New York: 1861.

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H.H. LLOYD & COMPANY. Lloyd's Military Maps. New York: 1861.

Single sheet (36 x 27 inches sheet; 45 x 37 ½ inches framed) (Browned edged, light staining)

Published in 1861, Lloyd's Military Campaign Charts depict eleven maps that show Virginia, Savannah, the areas around the Mississippi River and the Virginian Panhandle, southern Illinois around the town of Cairo, the areas around the bays at Mobile, Galveston and Pensacola, and the North Carolina Coast.

Interestingly, in the middle, there is a map of America which divides the Union and Confederacy with a red line. The line runs through Virginia, separating the top portion of the state. Virginia had been divided about secession from first conventions that were organised to discuss whether the state should join her southern sisters and separate from the rest of America. Political wrangling dominated the early war years in the western portion of the state after Virginia seceded but although there were splits on the issues of slavery, abolition and secession, West Virginia did not achieve independent statehood until June 1863. It is likely this line has been added after the map's publication.

Lloyd's Military Campaign Charts, showing the principal places of interest, is characteristic of maps produced during this period in the North; namely bold, Patriotic colors, original pictorial and text arrangements, illustrative data, and decorative titles were all attractive ways for publishers to boost sales. It was compiled from official data by Gen. E.L. Viele and C. Haskins; published under the auspices of the American Geographical and Statistical Society.
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