Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau (French, 1700-1782) Traite général des pesches, et histoire des Poissons. BY THE ADDITION OF AN ARCHIVE OF MANUSCRIPTS AND ORIGINAL DRAWINGS

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Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau (French, 1700-1782)

Traite général des pesches, et histoire des Poissons.

Paris: 1769-1782 (manuscripts c.1730-1780).

Folio, 4 volumes extended to 11, BY THE ADDITION OF AN ARCHIVE OF MANUSCRIPTS

AND ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, 249 engraved plates (only, of 250), the manuscripts and drawings

totaling several thousand pages and including autograph material by Duhamel du Monceau,

Fougeroux de Bondaroy, Le Masson du Parc and others, either loosely inserted in the relevant section of the disbound text or contained in 3 separate folders, the whole presented in 11 cloth chemises and slipcases [Nissen ZBI 1186], This extensive archive highlights the authors’ original

researches into varieties of fish, and the economic importance of the fishing and whaling industries, whilst also shedding light on the influence on Duhamel of Le Masson du Parc’s studies

undertaken in the 1720-40s.

Provenance: This archive would appear to have a close connection with the collection of 1300 preparatory drawings for the Traité sold at auction in Paris in 2001, and the scientific and other manuscripts sold at Sotheby’s in May 1983. All presumably formed part of the dispersal in 1932 of the DuhamelFougeroux papers, which had been until then in the family chateau at Denainvilliers, near Valenciennes.


The first part of the archive relates to published material, and in particular the Traité, including:


‘Traité général des pesches’, disbound copy (indictative of an abandoned project to extra-illustrate the book with the manuscripts), interspersed with several hundred pages of manuscripts and clipped notes by Duhamel du Monceau, Le Masson du Parc, and an unidentified third person who collaborated with Duhamel in editing the latter’s papers, together with nearly 200 original drawings, the majority placed before the resulting engraved plate (including a few signed ‘Fossier’), but a few others unpublished (including a few in sepia chalk probably executed for Le Masson du Parc). Also included are a small number of proof plates with corrections in Duhamel’s hand.


‘Traité général... Suite de la seconde partie’, the fourth volume, devoted entirely to whaling and published after Duhamel’s death by Fougeroux de Bondaroy. The additional material comprises a 40page section from Duhamel’s preface, in another hand but with corrections and deletions by the author, and approximately 30 original drawings, mostly pen and wash, some in sepia chalk and some unpublished.

The following material relates to projects which remained unpublished:


‘Section des huitres et des moules’, folder of unpublished material, comprising: autograph manuscript on oyster and mussel harvesting by Fougeroux de Bondaroy (86 pages, together with 15 pages of various notes on shell-fish); manuscript copy of the same text with Fougeroux’s corrections and additions; 20 sheets of pen and wash drawings in the format of the engravings (mostly 2 per page); 9 other drawings including 4 in sepia chalk for or by Le Masson du Parc; and one annotated engraved plate before letters (possibly the only plate executed for this section, and showing that the chapter had reached an advanced stage of preparation before being dropped).


Correspondance and notes relating to the fish of Guadeloupe, including an autograph letter signed by Jacques Alexandre Barbotteau, dated 30 December 1775, sending drawings (one in ink included here); 6 large pen and wash drawings of fish signed ‘Charvet’; 32 pages of autograph descriptions of fish by Barbotteau, with notes in the margins by Duhamel; and 12 pages of notes on the same fish by Duhamel.


Collection of unpublished notes for an intended chapter on seaweed, together with the results of a survey carried out on the coasts of Normandy, including: an autograph manuscript by Fougeroux de Bondaroy ‘Sur les plantes de mer’ (30 pages); 18 drawings of the gathering, drying and transport of seaweed (7 in sepia chalk for or by Le Masson); 3 manuscripts by Fougeroux on the burning of seaweed and soda ash production (used in glass production); a 26-page manuscript and 3 autograph letters signed by Vartel (a doctor from Cherbourg), with 16 leaves of actual specimens.


The extensive collection of other papers includes: further manuscripts by Fougeroux (notably ‘Description d’un genre de poisson du genre des Silures appelé Shaid ou Shaiden par les Allemands’, paper read to the Acamedie des Sciences, July 1784, 13 pages plus 3 original drawings; ‘Table des noms données aux poissons... latins... françois’, approximately 120 pages; and ‘Noms des Ictiologistes... ou des ouvrages qui traitent des poissons’, 35 pages); 9 sepia chalk drawings of sea birds for or by Le Masson du Parc (with anotations); a small group of manuscripts on whaling in Japan (some by Duhamel); 2 sepia chalk drawings of dredging; and several hundred other leaves of manuscripts, rough notes, a few drawings etc., by Duhamel, Fougeroux and others.

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