Greater New York New York

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Joseph Koehler

Bird's-eye view of greater New York

Printed By Joseph Kohler, 150 Park Row NY

Sites specific to this map are: Borough of Richmond, Fort Wadsworth, Governors Island, Ellis Island, Borough of Brooklyn, Coney Island, Greenwood Cemetery, Borough of Manhattan, Williamsburg Bridge, Jamaica Bay, Navy Yard, Prospect Park, Borough of Bronx, General Grants Tomb, Weehawken Heights, Harlem River, Borough of Queens, Long Island City, Madison Square, Maxwells Isle Bridge. The following towns are featured on this map: New York. The following facts are referenced on this map: Originally named by the Dutch in the 16th century, New Amsterdam. New York and the Statue of Liberty has symbolized freedom on the heights of Brooklyn. General Rag Tag Army of Revolutionary Volunteers under George Washington defended the Colonies from a well disciplined British Army and Hessian Mercenaries to finally win its independence. Today this Atlantic port still symbolizes freedom and a trading partner with the rest of the world. This artists' rendition personifies this city of commerce, indistry and a thriving population of new Americans. Map Situated in: New York, Kings and Westchester County, New York.