GOULD, John (1804-1881). "A Monograph of the Odontophorinae, or Partridges of America" and "Icones Avium"

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GOULD, John (1804-1881). 32 FINE PATTERN-PLATES FOR "A Monograph of the Odontophorinae, or Partridges of America" [with:] 10 FINE PATTERN PLATES FOR "Icones Avium". [London: Richard and John E. Taylor for the Author, [1844]-1850; and 1837-1838]. 

Folio (22 x 15 inches or smaller). Pen and ink manuscript title-page. 32 hand-colored lithographed plates by Gould and Henry Constantine Richter; and 10 (of 18) hand-coloured lithographed plates, one folding, by John and Elizabeth Gould, printed by Charles Hullmandel (many closed tears, most plates laid down, lightly soiled). Modern half green morocco gilt. 

A fine collection of pattern-plates for two of Gould's important monographs, each plate inscribed by one or more of the artists and printers. Pattern-plates were coloured by the original artist and used by the colourists of the subsequent published plates as a guide. As such they are most often found in a used state as here. The "Odontophoriae..." was the first of Gould's monographs on gamebirds, and originally issued in three parts by subscription in 1844, 1846, and 1850. Inspired by the specimen of "Callipepla Californica" (or, California Quail) presented to the Zoological Society of London by Captain Frederick William Beechey (author of "Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Bering Strait", 1831) in 1830.  

"Icones Avium" was originally published in two parts although Gould had intended this work to be an ongoing publication showcasing newly described species from all bird families. The first part appeared in August 1837 and contains ten plates, including Toucan, Guinea-fowl and Quail. The second part appeared a year later, August 1838, and contains 8 plates devoted exclusively to Night-jars and Goat-suckers. The plates here include: Paradox ornis flavirostris, Numida vulturina, Amblypterias anomalus, Nyctidromus derbyanus, Semeiophorus vexillarus, Lyncornis cerviniceps, Lyncornis macrotis, Lyncornis temminckii, Batrachostomus auritus, and Nyctibus pectoralis. Anker 176; Fine Bird Books, (1990) p.102; Nissen IVB 376; Sauer 13; Wood p. 365; Zimmer p.257; and Anker 172; Fine Bird Books p. 78; Nissen IVB 375; Sauer 7; Wood p.364; Zimmer pp.254-255. Catalogued by Kate Hunter