GOOS, Pieter (1615-1675). Le Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer contenant la description de toutes les Costes Marines Occidentalles & Septentrionnalles. Amsterdam: Pierre Yvounet, 1684.

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GOOS, Pieter (1615-1675) - LOOTS, Johannes (ca. 1665 - 1726). Le Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer contenant la description de toutes les Costes Marines Occidentalles & Septentrionnalles, desinonstrant en plusiers Cartes tres necessaire tous les ports, fleuves, bayes Rades, profondeurs & bancs chacun tres exactement couche selon leur vraye hauteur pollaire, & pour veu des descouvrements des terres principales, & a qyel cours & distance elles sont situees les unes des autres. Jamais Parcidevant si Clairement mis en lumiere & outre ce augmente & amande pour le bien & utilite de tous Mariniers & Navigateurs. Recueilly & Recherchee de divers Experimentez Pilotes & Amateurs de la Navigation. Avec une necessaire instruction de l'art de la navigation & aussi pourveu d'Almanachs jusques en l'An 1691. Traduit de Flaman en Francois par Paul Yvonet. De Impression De Pierre Goos, & Servant Par Jaques Robin. A Amsterdam. En la rue du pont neuf a lenseigne de pillote & ala Rochelle Cheux Pierre Yvounet. Avec Privilege A l'an 1684.


4 parts in one volume. Folio (17 x 11 inches). Engraved allegorical title-page, 32 fine double-page engraved charts, 2 engraved vignette charts, one woodcut volvelle, many woodcut coastal prfiles, diagrams of astronomical charts, instruments and constellations throughout the text (chart of "Gallissien" bound up side down, some charts close cropped to within the plate mark, one corner with short marginal tear, one or two spots). Contemporary calf (very worn).

Provenance: with an early ownership inscription at the head of the title-page; with an 18th-century engraved armorial bookplate on the verso of the third blank; with the engraved bookplate of Baron Quinette de Rochemont, (1838-1908) on the front paste-down; and a gift inscription to M. Sicard of the Academie Francaise dated 1925, also on the verso of the third blank.

The VERY RARE FRENCH EDITION, translated by Pierre Yvounet, of Goos' Dutch Sea atlas of Western European waters. Most of the plates were originally engraved by Pieter Goos, but are now updated to include the imprint of Jaques Robin, the coastlines have been reworked in the plate, with updated soundings, resulting in darker impressions of the engravings when compared to the 1676 edition. The chart of the "Zuyder-Zee" is dated 1686, "De Texel Stroom" 1687, "Rivier van Bordeaux" is a completely new plate signed "J.Robijn"; "De Custen van Schotland met de Eylanden van Orcanese", "Eylanden van Hitlant" are signed "Jacob Theunisz op 't water inde Lootsman"; "de Cust van Engeland tusschen Welles en 't Eyland Cogge" is signed "Jacobus en Casparus Lootsman op 't water inde Lootsman".


"Instruction En l'Art de la Navigation", illustrated with one volvelle and many woodcut diagrams and constellations in the text, and containing the Almanac for the years 1683-1691.


"Le Premier Livre Du Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer, Tant de la Navigation Septentrionalle, que Occidentalle. Contenant la description des Costes Marines de Hollande, Zelande & Flandres depuis Teffel jusques au pas de Calais" 11 double-page engraved charts

"Le deuxieme Livre Du Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flameau de la Mer, Tant de la Navigation Occidentalle que Septentrionalle, Contenant la description des Costes Marines de France, de Tresport a Roscou, & les Costes d'Angleterre, de Fierley vers l'ouest jusques au bout Meridional d'Angleterre, comme aussi la manche de Bristoc & Costes d'Irlande" 9 double-page engraved charts

"Le troisieme Livre Du Grand & Nouveau Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer, De la Navigation tant Septentrionalle. Que Occidentalle Contenant la description de France Biscaye, Galice, Portugal & Algarve, de Ouessant au Destroit de Gibraltar" 9 double-page engraved charts

"Le quatrieme Livre Du Miroir ou Flambeau de la Mer, contenant les Costes Marines de Barbarie, Gualete, Argun Genehou, les Isles de Madere & de Canarie, du Destoit de Gibraltar au Cap de Verd"  3 double-page engraved charts

Goos' De Nieuwe Groote Zee-Spiegel follows the prototype of the early pilot guides, opening with an introduction into navigation, followed by charts of the coasts west and south of the Netherlands, with sailing directions devoted to each section of the coastline (Koeman IV, page 192).

Jaques Robin acquired the plates for Goos's "Zeespiegal" and "Zeeatlas" from his widow in 1680, which he used to enlarge his own atlas. He reissued both the Dutch and English editions and obtained a privilege in 1686. In 1970 Koeman wrote: "Although Robijn states in his preface that this work was printed by him in three languages: Dutch, English, and French, apart from part V, no copy of a French edition is know to exist."

The present example of the Le Grand & Nouveau Miroir has a privilege dated 29 May 1680; the title-page is dated 1684; the chart of the "Zuyder-Zee" is dated 1686; and "De Texel Stroom", is dated 1687. Therefore this example of Goos' atlas must have been published in or after 1686-1687: particularly as the volvelle opposite page 11 in "Instruction en l'art de Navigation," has been created from a cut-out of a sheet of paper with English text on the verso: the English text version was printed in 1686.

The composition of this French edition is entirely different from the Dutch and English editions. It contains the Western Navigation with charts and descriptions of Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Coast of Morocco with Canary Islands, and 2 charts within the text.
The translation into French is by Paul Yvounet.

From the distinguished library of Baron Quinette de Rochemont (1838-1908), appointed engineer in 1862 and ultimately the Deputy General Secretariat of the Council of Civil Engineering. He was in charge of the port of Le Havre work, a position he held until 1879. In 1870, he distinguished himself as captain of Engineering of the National Guard and improvised lines of defense. Appointed chief engineer in 1879, he went to reside in Valenciennes where he conducted studies on the channel connecting the Scheldt to the Meuse. From 1892 to his death, he was in charge of the department of Marine Works of the School of Civil Engineering, He published “Cours de travaux maritimes professé à l'École nationale des ponts et chaussées" (Paris, C. Béranger, 1900). He was also a founder of the “l’Association Internationale des Congrès de Navigation. Koeman does not include a French text edition by Robijn; OCLC records copies at California State Library - Sutro Library and BNF. Catalogued by Kate Hunter