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GEORG BRAUN & FRANS HOGENBERG, Tridentum (Trento), 1572 or later.

GEORG BRAUN & FRANS HOGENBERG, Tridentum (Trento), 1572 or later.

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Tridentum, Trient
Cologne: Frans Hogenberg, 1572 or later
Copperplate engraving with original hand-color
Paper size: 15 1/2" x 20 1/2"

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN: "Venerated in St Peter's are the relics of the child St Simon, who was martyred by the apostate Jews over 100 years ago, and which are widely known for their miracles. In Trento there is moreover an extremely splendid castle that looks like a royal palace, in which the bishop lives. But the town houses, too, are highly praised, including by those who have visited many countries and cities of the world."

The bird's-eye plan shows Trento on the Adige with its surrounding fields. On the bend in the river lie the episcopal Castello del Buonconsiglio with its massive round tower (left) and the Renaissance Magno Palazzo. The dominating Romanesque cathedral in the centre of the plate goes back to the early Christian church of the Holy Sepulchre of St Vigilius. Between the bishop's residence and the cathedral lies the small Gothic church of San Pietro. (Taschen)

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