DONCKER, Hendrik (1625/26-1699). Pascaerte vande Caribische Eylanden, vande Barbados tot aende Bocht van Mexico. Amsterdam: Hendrik Doncker, 1659.

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Single sheet, float-mounted and framed (framed size: 29 2/8 x 33 inches). A fine engraved map of the Caribbean, the title within an elaborate historiated cartouche lower left, rhumb lines, the ocean decorated with a galleon and a small compass rose, all with beautiful original hand-colour in outline (one or two pale stains).


First state, from Doncker's celegrated "De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Waereld", and derived from Hessel Gerritsz's map of circa 1631 which is one of the first sea charts depicting North America to use Gerard Mercator's projection. Virtually unaltered it shows Staten Landt near Tierra del Fuego bearing a completed coastline following Hendrick Brouwer's voyage of 1642 to 1643. However, the map also illustrates Doncker's independent thought towards its content. Two distinct features are the pronounced easterly sweep of the southeast coast, and an unusually prominent 'R. de S.Petro' feeding an enlarged Apalachee Bay.
The map was published in three different states. In state 2 of the map, published in 1672, the cartouche lacks the Native American figure, while the 1676 plate is larger in size.

A bookseller in Amsterdam from the age of 22, Doncker ran an extremely successful business for more than fifty years: a publisher of the "most popular sets of maritime works published in Amersterdam during the Golden Age" (Koeman), including pilot guides, sea atlases, and textbooks on the art of navigation. Doncker was the first cartographer to publish a sea atlas after Arnold Colom's publications in 1654 and 1658. Although his Sea-Atlas is similar to the publications of Van Loon, Goos, and Lootsman, Doncker's charts were original, frequently corrected and improved and so were the most up-to-date in the second half of the 17th-century.