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Dominique SERRES (1722--1793). Battle of the Pallisades - 1779

Dominique SERRES (1722--1793). Battle of the Pallisades - 1779

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Dominique SERRES (1722--1793).
Battle of the Pallisades - His Majesty's Ships Phoenix, Roebuck and Tartar, accompanied by three smaller vessels, forcing their way through the Cheval-de-Frise on the Hudson River between Forts Washington and Lee, New York, 9 October 1776.
Oil on canvas.
c. 1779.
25" x 47 7/8" canvas, 32 1/2" x 53" framed.

The painting depicts a significant action during the Revolutionary War, shortly after the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Having defeated the Continental Army at the Battle of White Plains, General Howe ordered a small squadron of British warships, under the command of Captain Hyde Parker in H.M.S. Phoenix, to occupy the Hudson River and prevent the remaining Continental troops on Manhattan Island from receiving supplies in preparation for his assault on Fort Washington. Serres illustrates the Phoneix, together with H.M.S. Roebuck, under the command of Captain A.S. Hammond, H.M.S. Tartar, commanded by Captain George Jackson, and three smaller vessels forcing their way through a cheval-de-frise, comprised of artificial barriers and sunken vessels defending the north part of the river.

On the right lies Fort Washington, on a large outcrop at the northern end of Manhattan, with several shore batteries engaging the enemy at close range. At the same time, from the left, the British forces are bombarded by the guns of Fort Lee, sitting atop the New Jersey Palisades. Despite the heavy bombardment, Captain Parker and his fleet passed successfully, capturing two gunboats in the process, and he was subsequently knighted in 1779 for his heroic efforts.

Another version of this picture, painted for Captain Parker, is at Melford Hall, Suffolk, and a copy by Thomas Mitchell, dated 1780, is in the collection of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

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