Detailed Wall Map of United States during the Civil War

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Lloyd, J. T. (fl. c. 1852 - 1865).
Lloyd's New Map of the United States the Canadas and New Brunswick...
Lithographed Map.
New York: J. T. Lloyd, 1863.
37" x 49 ½" sheet.

Incredibly detailed map especially good on towns, railroads & topography. Linen backed with original rods at top & bottom. Inset of lower FL peninsula. Some cracking. Hand-colored by county. Showing also steamship lines from Liverpool to New York. Emphasis on forts in South and West. Lloyd, as usual, warns against his competitor H. H. Lloyd who he cautions is capitalizing on J. T. Lloyd's surname and reputation. He also quotes part of a letter from Secretary of War, Gideon Wells, asking about Lloyd's map of the Mississippi River and the price per 100 copies. Incredibly detailed, especially east of the Mississippi, this wall map covers the west through much of Texas and Indian Territory and west of the Missouri River to the Great Sand Hills of Nebraska north through numerous Dakota bands in Dakotah (territory) to "Unexplored lands". Many forts shown and emphasis is upon areas in the South where The War was raging.