Peter Schenk....Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae ...1706

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Peter Schenk.

Novissima Prae Caeteris aliis Accuratissima Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae Tabul

Amsterdam, 1706

Finely colored example of this rare edition of Schenk's map of the British Isles, on double thick paper.

Rarely seen on the market, especially in such exceptional condition.


Peter Schenk the Elder (1660-1711) moved to Amsterdam in 1675 and began to learn the art of mezzotint. In 1694 he bought some of the copperplate stock of the mapmaker Johannes Janssonius, which allowed him to specialize in the engraving and printing of maps and prints. He split his time between his Amsterdam shop and Leipzig and also sold a considerable volume of materials to London.

Peter Schenk the Elder had three sons. Peter the Younger carried on his father’s business in Leipzig while the other two, Leonard and Jan, worked in Amsterdam. Leonard engraved several maps and also carried on his father’s relationship with engraving plates for the Amsterdam edition of the Histoire de l'Académie Royale des Sciences.