DE JODE, Gerard (1509-91) - Cornelis DE JODE (1568-1600). Americae pars Borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, Canada, Corterealis. [Antwerp: Arnold Coninx for the widow and heirs of Gerard de Jode, 1593].

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Single sheet (14 4/8 x 20 inches, full margins showing the plate mark). Fine uncoloured engraved map of Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and maritime Canada, from the second edition of "Speculum Orbis Terrarum".  

Together with a smaller western sheet, "Quivirae", this was the first folio sized atlas map to focus on North America. The plates were purchased by J.B. Vrients who kept de Jode's work out of publication in favor of Ortelius's "Theatrum". De Jode's picture of America is dominated by a large Northwest Passage which connects to the single "Lago de Conibus." Three small freshwater lakes are also shown, but no Great Lakes. There are insets of six native inhabitants and also a European caravel firing on natives with bows and arrows.  

This map represents an improvement on the Forlani model of 1596, and is the first Dutch map of the region, as English and French information for Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and maritime Canada began to appear on general maps. 

The problem that de Jode faced was how to combine geographical detail from two different schools--the French for maritime Canada and the English for the Carolinas--which did not dovetail as neatly as he might have liked. Instead, when blended together, the result was the great contraction, and mis-placement of the region between Maine and Virginia, with the coastline depicted in an east-west orientation, with no real sense of Cape Cod, Long Island, New York or New Jersey and the Delaware Bay. 

This map was prepared for the second edition of the de Jode "Speculum orbis terrarum" undertaken by Gerard de Jode and completed by his son and heir, Cornelis, as the "Speculum orbis terrae". Although a superior map to Ortelius’ version, the atlas sold poorly and is the reason for comparative rarity of de Jode’s maps today. 1593.Burden 81; Schwartz & Ehrenberg pl.39