DE CORDOVA, Jacob (1808-1868 J. De Cordova's State of Texas....1856

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DE CORDOVA, Jacob (1808-1868

J. De Cordova's State of Texas complied from the records of the General Land Office of the State by Robert Creuzbaur, Revised and Corrected by Charles W. Pressler

Lithographed map with original hand color within decorative border engraved by J. M. Atwood

New York: J. H. Colton, 1856




The First “official” map of Texas was not exactly official, but as intended it did encourage immigration into the state. It was also a great step forward in accuracy and detail.  After De Cordova sold the rights to the map to the Colton company, the map ‘s cartography served as the basis for updated maps for the next quarter century.

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