De BRY, Johann Theodore (1560-1623) and Johann Israel de Bry (1565-1609). Indiae Orientalis pars Octava. Frankfurt; Johann Theodore de Bry, 1607.

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De BRY, Johann Theodore (1560-1623) and Johann Israel de Bry (1565-1609). Indiae Orientalis pars Octava: Navigationes qvinqve, Primam, a Iacobo Neccio, ab Anno 1600. vsque ad Annum 1603. Secundam, a Iohanne Hermanno de Bree, ab Anno 1602. vsq ad Annum 1604. Tertiam, a Cornelio Nicolai, Annis quatuor. Quartam, a Cornelio de Vena. Frankfurt; Johann Theodore de Bry, 1607.

Folio (11 6/8 x 7 6/8 inches). (page 45-46 misbound before page 43-44). Engraved title-page, and 18 fine engraved plates, including three double-page (loose), with original blank leaf  O6. 19th-century mottled calf, gilt (extremities a bit scuffed).


First and only edition, first issue, with plate XII of Amacao with six rocks in the upper left-hand corner and two water-carriers in the left-hand center margin. 

Containing accounts of five voyages made by the Dutch to the East Indies to counteract the influence of the Portuguese and Spaniards who had sought to establish themselves there. The first is an account of the second voyage of Jacob van Neck to the East Indies, from 1600-1604, during which he visited the islands of Ternate and Macao, and the city of Patane, in which he lost three fingers in a sea battle with a Spanish-Portuguese fleet near Ternate. "This made him decide that he had stretched his luck far enough and that he had better stay home" (Masselman page 116). The narrative of this voyage was written by Roelof Roelofsz and was translated by Artus for both the German and Latin editions of De Bry.  

The second is Jan Harmensz Bree's account of the voyage to the East Indies in 1602-1604, under the command of Admirals Sebald De Weert and Pietersz to Ceylon, where de Weert met his death at the hands of the Maharajah of Kandy.

The third is a short account  by Cornelis Clæsz of that part of the expedition which detached itself from the main fleet, under the command of Corneille Nicolas, and visited China.

The fourth is the first published account of the voyage of two vessels under the command of Wibrandt van Warwijck to Bantam, east Java, Borneo, and on to China.

And the fifth is an account of the second voyage of Steven van der Hagen to the islands of the Moluccas in 1603-1606, which was first published in Rotterdam in 1606. Church 218; Masselman "The Cradle of Colonialism". Catalogued by Kate Hunter