DALE, Lt. John B. (1814-1848).

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DALE, Lt. John B. (1814-1848).

Turvo River (Itapetininga River)

On the afternoon of the 23rd of November, we took a light wind from the southeast, and with all sail set, stood in for the magnificent harbour "f ^fn iT?"-"TM Our attention was drawn first to the high, fantastic, and abrupt peaks of Gavia, the Sugar Loaf- and Corcovado, on our left; whilst on our right we had the bold point of Santa Cmz; then before us the city of San Salvador, and the towns of San Domingo, with Praya Grande opposite, and the islands and fleet that lay between them decking this beautiful expanse of water. These objects, with the pinnacles of the Organ Mountains for a background, form such a scene that it would be difficult to point out iu what manner it could be improved. The life and stir created by the number of vessels, boats, and steamers of various forms and of all sizes passing to and fro, give great animation to the whole.

THE city of San Salvador, better known as Rio Janeiro, has been often described. At the time of our visit, a great change appeared to have taken place within a few years, as well in its outward appearance as in its government and institutions, thus giving to the whole a different aspect from that it formerly wore. Under its former monarch, Don Pedro the First, it had all the aspect of a court residence; now it is the very reverse. I shall therefore give , my own impressions, and sketch a picture of its state as we found it X in the latter part of the year 1838.