CORSINI, Raffaele (Italian, Turkish, 1830 - 1880). Henry of Tiegnmouth. Js. Jones Comander. Smyrna 1830.

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Single sheet (16 4/8 x 21 inches). The English Smack/Packet ship "Henry of Teignmouth" lying at anchor off Smyrna on the Aegean coast in 1830. Unsigned, titled beneath the image, the ship shown broadside with tender, flying the British ensign. Mixed media including pencil, pen and black ink and watercolour, on paper, matted and framed.


Provenance: with the Parker Gallery, their label on the verso.

A beautiful painting of the "Henry of Teignmouth" at anchor in the idyllic Aegean off the coast at Smyrna. The recent end to the Greek Revolutionary War, fought with the Ottomans, would have made the Aegean coast an attractive and safe destination for small merchant ships such as this one. Listed in Lloyds Register for the first time in 1820, and described as a Packet ship or a Smack boat with only one deck, in 1830 the "Henry of Teignmouth" was owned by a D. Mitchell and registered in Teignmouth. Catalogued by Kate Hunter