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Coronelli, Maria Vincenzo (1650-1718). (North America) America Settentrionale...

Coronelli, Maria Vincenzo (1650-1718). (North America) America Settentrionale...

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Coronelli, Maria Vincenzo (1650-1718).
(Western Half of North America) America Settentrionale Colle Nuove Scuperte din all Anno 1688...
Engraved map 
Venice: Domenico Padunani, 1690 from Arlantic Veneto
24 1/2" x 18 1/2" visible, 33" x 27" framed 

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND STRIKING OF ALL THE MAPS WHICH DEPICT CALIFORNIA AS AN ISLAND by the foremost Italian mapmaker of the 17th century. The map is highly decorative with an allegorical cartouche and numerous embellishments of native inhabitants. The geography of the West derives chiefly from the manuscript map of Diego de Penalosa, the former governor of Spanish New Mexico who had since allied himself with the French. References: Wheat Transmississippi, 70; Tooley (America), 57; McLaughlin, 103.

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