AUDUBON, John James (1785 - 1851). Plate 125, Crested Titmouse

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Hand-colored lithograph by Ralph Trembly for the firm of J.T. Bowen after John James Audubon (1785 - 1851)  

From Vol. 2 of the first octavo edition of the The Birds of America, From Drawings Made in the United States and Their Territories. New York: J. J. Audubon; Philadelphia: J. B. Chevalier, 1840 - 1841.

Paper dimensions: approximately 6 ½ x 10 inches 

Octavo part number: 25

Current name of bird depicted: Tufted TitmouseBaeolophus bicolor

Corresponding Havell edition plate number: 39, Crested Titmouse 

Audubon described the Tufted Titmouse as follows: