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Asher & Co. The Historical Warmap. 1862

Asher & Co. The Historical Warmap. 1862

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Asher & Co

The Historical Warmap.


Large lithographed pocket map of the southeastern United States overprinted in colors. 26 1/2x25 1/2 inches overall and folding into original printed card case containing a 72-page "Rebellion Report" up to October, 1863 which includes 4 miniature lithographed maps (Bull Run, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, and Richmond); text and front cover detached

This pocket map is the very uncommon first issue of Asher's important map of the Civil War battlefields. This map shows actions up to May 10, 1862 with the siege of Norfolk and the destruction of the Merrimac. Unlike Asher's later issues, this issue does not have a separate page listing of battles. They are instead listed on the map itself. In all, thirty-six battles are listed through May 1862, making it one of the first publications listing battlefield sites. Each battle listed has a date and brief description of the battle as well as Union (but not Confederate) casualties. There are also dates of secession for the Confederate states as well as the results of the voting in Kentucky for secession. The map covers the general area of the war showing towns, railroads, waterways, forts, etc. State boundaries are colored green and battle sites are located with a reddish overprinted circle. The map folds into stiff red pictorial covers with advertising for Mumford & Co. of Cincinnati. A scarce issue

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