ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' (1697-1782). Royaume de Coree. The Hague: Henri Scheurleer, 1737.

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Single sheet (27 x 21 inches, full margins showing the plate-mark). Fine engraved map of Korea, the title within a fine rococo historiated cartouche middle right, decroated with a small compass rose, and lines of latitude and longitude (old central horizontal fold).

The first separate map of Korea by a European cartographer, published in d'Anville's "Nouvel Atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie Chinoise, et du Thibet: Contenant Les Cartes generale & particulieres de ces Pays, ainsi que la Carte du Royaume de Coree", his spectacular comprehensive atlas of China, Tartary and Tibet, and only the second western atlas of China, following that of Martinus Martini published by Blaeu in 1655. It is absolutely the first scientific cartographical survey of China. Executed by French Jesuits, at the behest of the Emperor Kang Hsi, it forms the most important cartographic record of China from the eighteenth century.

First published in Du Halde's "Description… de l'Empire de la China", 1735. Following the death of Guillaume Delisle, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville continued the line of progressive French cartographers which had begun with Nicolas Sanson in the previous century. He was a scrupulous editor of maps and his work spanned most of the eighteenth century. He was concerned equally with the classical and modern worlds and he was continually updating the geographical content of his maps.