Antonio Zatta. Canada, the English colonies of Louisiana, and Florida. 1778

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Antonio Zatta

Il Canada, Le Colonie Inglesi con La Luigiana, e Florida

Translated: Canada, the English colonies with Louisiana, and Florida

Venice, 1778

Striking map of the United States and Canada, which includes references to the Upper and Lower English Colonies of Louisiana. One of the very few maps we have seen from the period which treat the regions east of the Mississippi as being Upper or English Louisiana!

The map includes many curious features, including Florida in the shape of an Archipelago, a very curious narrow Georgia, with a massive Florida or Apalachesia shown to the southwest. This is also one of the earliest and largest treatments of Ohio (called Ohio or Upper English Louisiana!), which reaches from Pennsylvania to the Mississippi River and south to Cherachesia (modern Tennessee). Florida coves a fair amount of Alabama and Georgia and is alternatively named Apalachesia. Many early forts and Indian Tribes are noted. Nice treatment of the Missouri River Valley. Decorative cartouche.

One of the most fascinating atlas maps of the United States issued at the commencement of the American Revolution. From Zatta's monumental 4 volume Atlante Novissimo, published in Venice.