ACT OF SETTLEMENT. Officers Good Members; Or the Late Act of Succession Consider'd. In a Letter to a Friend. London: Printed in the Year 1701.

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Broadside (12 6/8 x 7 6/8 inches). Single leaf, printed on both sides (disbound, edges frayed and browned).


Referring to the Act of Settlement of 1701: "An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject" which reinforced the prohibitions in the Bill of Rights that excluded those who were Catholic or married to Catholics from the line of succession. It placed the succession to the British thrones, after Anne, in the hands of Sophia, dowager electress of Hanover, ‘and the heirs of her body being Protestants’. The author is particularly concerned to explain the sixth clause which states that in the event of Queen Anne dying without issue, then "no Person who has an Office or Place of Profit under the King [William], or Receives a Pension from the Crown, shall be capable of Serving as a Member of the House of Commons", which was supposed to secure the future independence of the legislature. ESTCT 88099.