R. Creighton A Map of England & Wales, The Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers and Canals. 1839

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Samuel Lewis

A Map of England & Wales, The Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers and Canals

Engraved map with original hand-color. 4 sheets laid down on cartographic linen.


Sheet Size: 83.5 x 70.5 in

A striking and monumental map of England by Samuel Lewis. Lewis issued this map to accompany his Topographical Dictionary of England, first published in 1831. In four large sections, this map covers all of England as well as parts of adjacent Scotland. As one might imagine form amap of this magnitude, it exhibits mind-boggling detail throughout, identifying topography by hachure, abbeys, towns, villages, gentlemanlyestates, rivers, and of course, major cities. In the upper left quadrant of the map there is a beautiful view, drawn by T. Allom, of the LondonGeneral Post Office. The lower right quadrant offers a list of Church of England Dioceses in Canterbury and York.

This map was drawn by R. Creighton and engraved by John Dower. Samuel Lewis and Company, then based at 13 Finsbury Place, South London, isthe publisher. The first edition of this map appeared in 1831 and subsequently editions followed in the 1840s, 1850s and 1860s. Editions varyprimarily in format with few if any cartographic changes.

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