Jouanna OLIVIA. Illuminated Manuscript Portolan Chart of "Isola D' Sardegna" (Sardinia). 1600.

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Jouanna OLIVIA (Fl. 1570-1614).
Illuminated Manuscript Portolan Chart of "Isola D' Sardegna" (Sardinia).
Single leaf of vellum, float-mounted and framed.
Marseilles, c. 1600.
21" x 28" sheet, 28" x 35" framed.

AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE AND RARE MANUSCRIPT PORTOLAN CHART in pen and black, red, blue, brown and green ink, heightened in gold and silver, of the island of Sardinia, the title within a ribbon banner heightened in silver next to the arms of the Kingdom of Sardinia, oriented to the east, elaborately decorated scale lower left, ll important ports and towns given in Italian and Catalan, and town, river systems and mountains, decorated with a large and beautiful compass rose radiating rhumb lines, all surrounded by a border of black and gold fillets.
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