Louis Brion de la Tour, Amerique Septentrionale..1783

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Louis Brion de la Tour

Amerique Septentrionale ou se remarquent Les Etats Unis. Par M. Brion de la Tour, Ingenieur - Geographe de Roi

Paris, 1783

Copperplate engraving with original hand coloring 

Paper Size: 20 3/4 x 29" 

An interesting map of North and Central America and the West Indies by the French engineer and geographer, Brion De La Tour. The mapping of the northwest coast and western Canada, blank except for ‘Lake Quinipigon’ and the River of the West, includes information derived from De Fonte. The map is decorated with an attractive cartouche incorporating ships, cargo, a pelican, trees and a mother with two children. Library of Congress, Map and Charts of North America and the West Indies,166.

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