GEORG MATTHAUS SEUTTER, Mappa Geographica Regionum Mexicanam et Floridam Terrasque Adjacentes, Augsburg, c. 1730.

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Mappa Geographica Regionum Mexicanam et Floridam Terrasque Adjacentes
Augsburg: Georg Matthaus Seutter, c. 1730
Copperplate engraving with original hand color
Paper size: 21 1/2" 24 3/4""

Seutter, Matthaeus, 1678-1756

Mappa geographica regionem Mexicanam et Floridam terrasque adjacentes, ut et anteriores Americae insulas Cursus Itidem et Reditus Navigantium Versus Flumen Missisipi..."

Augsberg 1740

This is one of the many versions of Delisle's important map of 1703 (Carte du Mexique et de la Floride). It provides a view of North America from the Great Lakes through the West Indies. The British colonies are confined east of the Appalachian Mountains, France controls the Mississippi Valley and Florida, and Spain possesses Mexico; political divisions as dictated by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. New Mexico is finely described with many native tribes and pueblos noted, including Acoma, Santa Clara, and Isleta. While geographically nearly identical to Delisle's chart, this map is very decorative with the lower left corner filled with a huge sea battle and the Atlantic filled with four inset plans of Panama, Havana, Carthagena and Vera Cruz. Engraved by Tobias Conrad Lotter and first published by Lotter’s father-in-law, Matthais Seutter, this edition was published by Lotter after he inherited the plate in 1758.

References: Martin & Martin, plt. 18.

Relief shown pictorially. Depths shown by soundings. Date estimated by "November, 1739" appearing in inset map Bahia Portus Belli. Engraved by Tob: Con: Lotter. Includes decorative vignette with scene of sea battle ans figures examining goods in chest in lower left. "Scale milliaria" in cartouche in upper left with text beneath: "Cum gratis et privil. S.R.I. Vicariatus, in partibus Rheni, Sueuiae, et juris Franconici." Includes notes and sailing tracks. Shows colonial North America and Caribbean. The British colonies are east of the Appalachian Mountains; shows France's dominion through the Mississippi Valley and Florida, and Spain's over Mexico and New Mexico. Inset maps: Bahia Portus Belli -- Tractus bahiae et civitatis Havanae -- Tractus civitatis Carthagena castel ejus -- Vera Cruz. Scales and compass roses included in each inset with the exception of the inset of Vera Cruz, which does not include a compass rose.

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